Friday, January 6, 2012

Do you want to be more like Tim Howard? Well then start now. Fitness is something that you need to be constantly working on. If soccer is your thing, then what is holding you back?.

This Total Soccer Fitness guide will provide you with all of the necessities you need to be the best on your team. Whether you play with buddies on the weekend, are on the high school team, or play with your college club, the program will give you results.

The program will let you reach peak performance by its separate focus on aerobic and anaerobic fitness. You won't be limited to soccer performance either, as your all around fitness level will be greatly increased. You will be able to run faster, harder, and longer than before. The guide aims to make you a faster more explosive player, but also one who can move quickly and with agility.

And if your a goalie, like our boy Howard - then fear not, because this program includes advice and conditioning specifically for goalkeepers.

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